Skin aging and causative agents

Skin aging is a complex process observed due to the involvement of both internal (genetic, metabolism, hormones) and external factors (pollution, ionizing radiations, and toxin exposure).

Among several factors, damage from sunlight, acne, and pigmentation causes the skin to appear unhealthy and dull. Over cleansing of the skin results in the disruption of the normal protective microbial flora of the skin making it vulnerable to acne, breakouts, and loss in complexion.

Signs & symptoms of skin aging

Commonly three main signs of skin aging are observed

  • Wrinkles: First noticeable signs of skin aging appears at around the age of 30
  • Loss in flexibility: With age, the structure of the skin weakens leading to loss of elasticity and firmness. These changes are observed during 50+ years
  • Sagging: A loss of facial volume results in the sagging of skin