Anti-aging effects of LactoSporin®

Skin aging, a complex process is controlled by the genetic makeup, metabolism and hormone levels of an individual. External factors like pollution, ionizing radiations, exposure to toxins, and stress can accelerate the process of aging. Skin care cosmetics induces collagen synthesis, reduce oxidative stress, inflammation, and the harmful effects of ionizing radiations, pollutants and toxins. Thus, making the skin look younger and firmer.

Antioxidant activity

Reactive oxygen species (ROS), the major contributor for aging is generated from mitochondria
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Anti-inflammatory effect

Inflammation is a natural defensive mechanism of the body. However, uncontrolled inflammation is detrimental
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UV protection effect

UV radiation consists of UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. Among them, humans are mostly affected by UV-A followed by UV-B
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Anti-collagenase activity

UV radiation induces the collagen degradation by enhancing the activity of collagenases, a type of matrix
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Anti-glycation effect

Glycation is the process of undesired cross-linking of collagen proteins with sugar molecules
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