UV protection effect

UV radiation consists of UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. Among them, humans are mostly affected by UV-A followed by UV-B.

UV-B being shorter in wavelength and higher power radiation can easily penetrates deeper into the tissues of the skin. Thus, causing structural damage to the DNA and induce apoptosis. Whereas, UV-A radiation is mostly responsible for the generation of ROS such as superoxide anion, hydrogen peroxide and singlet oxygen, causing ROS-mediated inflammatory skin damage (Sanches Silveira and Myaki Pedroso 2014).

The phototoxic (UV-A and UV-B light-induced toxicity) preventive effects of LactoSporin® was studied using mouse fibroblast cell line (Balb/C 3T3).


LactoSporin® showed notable protection from UV-A as well as UV-B-induced cell death.

UV-A protection
UV-B protection
LactoSporin® protects against UV radiation-induced toxicity
UV-A exposed
0.5% LactoSporin®
Stained with Crystal violet 20X
LactoSporin®– induced significant protection from UV-induced cell death